Welding Scale

Welding Scale is a relatively Thick Oxide Layer created during the Welding Process. If we wish to perform Zinc Plating or Zinc Nickel Plating with Parts / Components that have "Weld Scale", we need to first thoroughly remove the Scale prior to any type of plating.

Here is a nice picture of a Part with "Weld Scale"...

The Weld Scale is normally removed in the Pickle Process Solution.

If the scale is Thick and Difficult to remove it may be necessary to increase the Processing Time and the Processing Temperature within the Pickle. There are also excellent Pickling Additives (ENTHONE's ACTANE 70) which will also help to remove these types of Scales.

Sandblasting can also be used to remove Wedling Scale or other types of Oxide Scales.

If the Scale is NOT removed, there will be a long list of problems with the Plating and Post Treatments at and around these areas!!!

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